By The Numbers (April 3)

    **1,200 acres**
    The amount of land owned by the College, including Lake Matoaka and the College Woods. In 1994, the state of Virginia considered selling 340 acres consisting of the woods and lake Matoaka but decided not to after opposition from the College and the city.

    p. **4**
    The number of ranks by which the College’s Marshall-Wythe School of Law fell in U.S. News and World Report’s 2008 rankings, dropping from 27 to 31.

    p. **1,500 percent**
    The increase in the hard disk space from the first iPod, released in
    2001, to a similarly priced ipod today. The original had 5 gigabytes,
    but for the same price today it comes with 80.

    p. **63.9 percent**
    Google’s share of U.S. internet searches, according to, a
    data collection company. Yahoo comes in second place with 21.5 percent.

    p. **80 percent**
    The proportion of time during the NCAA championship game that the Flordia Gators were ahead of the Ohio State Buckeyes. After gaining the lead 12 minutes into the first half, they never lost it. The final score was 84 to 75.


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