Hollywood Gossip (April 6)

    **Scott Stapp sex tape**

    Scott Stapp, the former lead singer of Christian rock band Creed settled his suit against an internet porn website guilty of illegally selling a sex tape involving Stapp and Kid Rock with a number of groupies. The video was filmed on the rockers’ tour bus in 1999. According to Stapp, the film was stolen from a safe in his house, though he forgot to mention why he saved it at all. The case was settled out of court less than three months after Stapp and his wife welcomed their first child.

    p. **Snort me up**

    Keith Richards was quoted earlier this week as having said that he once snorted a mixture of cocaine and his father’s ashes. “He was cremated and I couldn’t resist grinding him up with a little bit of blow,” the Rolling Stones guitarist said. In the aftermath, Richards claims that the comment was said in jest and should be written off as an April Fool’s joke. The joke apparently sailed right over the interviewer’s head. You can’t blame him though — knowing Keith Richards, anything is possible.

    p. **Pill-popping playmate**

    New information has surfaced in the Anna Nicole Smith case. The once-popular commencement speaker choice was determined to have died from a drug overdose. Information was recently released stating that 11 different prescription drug bottles were found in the hotel room at the time of her death, none of which were prescribed to her. It makes one wonder what took them so long to figure the case out when 400 of the pills — all prescribed less than five weeks prior — were found missing.

    p. **Britney Spears goes to Miami**

    Britney Spears’ recent head-shaving incident has inspired more than just tabloid headlines. An upcoming episode of “CSI: Miami,” CBS’s hit crime scene show, features a character modelled after the now-bald pop star. The episode centers around a patient who dies during a stint at a rehab clinic. While investigating, the forensics team comes across another resident of the clinic — a you pop starlet who has insanely shaved her head.


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