Rap duo postpones spring concert

    __Ying Yang Twins may perform next fall__

    The College has, by popular demand, won a contest to have the Ying Yang Twins, an Atlanta-based R&B/Hip-Hop “crunk rap” duo, perform on campus. The contest was sponsored by the website Eventful.com.

    p. The group was expected to play May 4, but due to an unexpected booking error, their label has demanded that they appear in Europe on that same date.

    p. Eventful.com is a forum for people across the world to “demand” an event by requesting a person or a group to visit their town. According to Eventful.com, the rap superstars are in demand by 259 people in Williamsburg who have logged onto their website and requested their appearance at the College.

    p. According to the rappers’ website, the Ying Yang Twins, “with the help of Eventful.com, will let fans determine which five colleges get added to their 2007 tour,” indicating that they should have known their scheduling conflicts in advance. Ranked first above the other four winning universities, the College will definitely be added to the Ying Yang Twins upcoming tour at some point, according to the Ying Yang Twins website, YingYangMusic.com

    p. Although entering the contest was not UCAB’s idea, the music committee contacted the Ying Yang Twins’ manager as soon as they were notified that the College had won. They scheduled the date for the concert, but received an e-mail late Wednesday evening canceling the event.

    p. “This wasn’t UCAB’s fault – we followed through with finding out about the concert, contacting their agent [and so on], but they’ve pulled out on us. We’re finding another band for [the last day of classes], and would appreciate the campus support,” UCAB Music Committee Chair senior Emmagene Worley said.

    p. The concert was scheduled to be held in the Sunken Garden on Blowout, according to Worley. The music committee will continue to work with the Ying Yang Twins’ agent to schedule an appearance sometime in the fall.

    p. “We are trying to reschedule, and they hope to come in the fall,” Worley said.


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