This Week in Flat Hat History (April 6)

    The College’s Glider Club held its first official glider flight. The first assistant test pilot of the national advisory committee on aeronautics flew to the College to demonstrate the safety and controllability of the glider and assisted students with their gliders. The Glider Club was the first of its kind in the South, and the second college glider club organized in the nation.

    p. **1952**
    Jackie Freeman was appointed head football coach after J.M. Eason resigned from the position. Eason said that his services were not needed and would prefer working with younger boys in high school and recreational activities. He assumed duties at Hampton High School as football coach was also director of the cites recreational program. Freeman was a College alum.

    p. **1967**
    The Flat Hat reported on a new kind of drug used amongst students, who created a way to smoke banana peels in order to achieve a psychedelic high similar to LSD. Banana sales increased drastically, despite a scientific report claiming that they had no properties required for a psychedelic high.

    p. **1979**
    A fire in Lodge 5 caused an estimated $15,000 worth of damage. The Williamsburg City Fire Marshall reported that the fire was probably caused by a short in an electrical cord that had become worn. He believed that sparks from the shorted cord ignited the linens on a bed, causing the fire. The only injuries reported were burns suffered by two firefighters.


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