By The Numbers: Registration by department

    The following numbers are based on Fall 2006 course registration data on Banner. Fall was chosen because it may best reflect the upcoming semester.

    p. **1,727 out of 1,754**
    The number of slots in all government classes that were filled. On average, there was less than one opening for every two government classes. The philosophy department’s classes were almost as fully booked.

    p. **Half**
    The proportion of slots in all computer science classes that were filled. While the department’s classes had room for 796 students, only 397 enrolled.

    p. **62.13 students**
    The average class size of chemistry classes, based on the number of students who actually took the class, not the cap. Independent studies and classes worth less than three credits are not counted in the average.

    p. **19.93**
    The average number of students in English department classes.

    p. **2,093**
    The total number of slots offered in Economics classes. Of those, 1,753 were filled. Each class had an average of 8.3 openings.


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