This Week In Flat Hat History (April 10)

    After a dull commencement speaker the previous year, the graduating class of 1966 claimed that “it would be more desirable to have no speaker at all” if a nationally renowned speaker could not be found. Many lists were submitted to the Dean of Students office with suggestions for the speaker at the request of the class president, who wanted more student involvement in the process. In 1966, the College selected then Secretary of the Treasury Henry Fowler.

    p. **1979**
    A short in electrical cords caused a small fire in Lodge Five. None of the residents were injured but the accident caused approximately $15,000 in damages. Since the College did not reimburse students for personal losses, residents went through their insurance companies to replace their lost goods.

    p. **1981**
    Elections for the senior class president and vice president were voided and redone after the elections commission discovered that ballots were given to ineligible voters, causing them to doubt the legitimacy of the outcome.

    p. Many appeals were made by both presidential candidates about the possibility of a recount, and the commission decided to hold the elections again.

    p. **1996**
    For the first time, a cable TV network was installed in all dorms on campus after being a “hot topic of discussion” for two years. The Student Assembly played a major role in this change, but delays occurred in working with some older buildings.


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