College forms logo group

    __After removing feathers from logo, Tribe looks for new symbol__

    p. In response to the NCAA’s ruling last year that the College must remove the green and gold feathers from its logo, a committee of students, faculty, alumni and staff has been created to come up with a new logo. Feb. 20, College President Gene Nichol charged Vice President of Student Affairs Sam Sadler with the task of creating the committee.

    p. In his letter to Sadler, Nichol stated that the job of the committee is to “develop and recommend to the President a new logo for the College through broad input from the William and Mary community.”

    p. In addition, the committee is to decide whether a mascot should be adopted at this time. Nichol further emphasized that the task of the committee is not to review the College’s nickname.

    p. “We will remain the Tribe,” Nichol said.

    p. The committee has 14 members, and is made up of alumni, students, faculty and staff at the College. Chaired by Sadler, student members include President of the Student Assembly members are Marlene Jack, professor of art history, and Don Rahtz,professor in the Mason School of Business.

    p. The final member is Vice President of Public Affairs Stewart Gamage, ’72. According to Kaylor, the committee is still in the early stages of the process. Currently, the committee is still looking to receive logo ideas from the community.

    p. Students, faculty, alumni and outside members of the community are invited to submit logo ideas to the committee by April 29.

    p. Ideas can be e-mailed to Sadler at The logo will be judged based on its ability to be easily recognizable, elicit a common sentiment and meaning, be easily remembered, evoke positive feelings, elicit pride among members of the community, reinforce traditions and reflect the high standards, spirit and character of the College.

    p. The committee has also decided to accept the President’s offer of considering a mascot idea in addition to the logo. However, Kaylor said, the committee will not begin to look at ideas for mascots until the logo has been decided upon.

    p. The committee hopes to propose a recommendation for the new logo to Nichol by the fall of 2007. Last year, Nichol denounced the NCAA’s decision, but decided not to fight it due to the strain it would put on the College.


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