Letters to the Editor (April 13)

    **Response to Tuesday’s editorial**

    p. To the Editor:
    I feel your article and editorial in Tuesday’s issue concerning the incidents at Theta Delta Chi insinuated a serious charge against my fraternity, Phi Kappa Tau. The two incidents, one dealing with fecal matter on TDX’s dance floor and the other a verbal dispute, are completely isolated incidents. No brother of Phi Kappa Tau was involved in the vulgar prank and yet the article states “the incident caused a verbal dispute.” This is simply untrue. The Flat Hat should recognize the power subscribed to it by being a widely read paper as well as the implications its reports have on the organizations involved. By implying that the unfortunate verbal dispute was related to the disrespectful prank paints an unfair perception of our fraternity. We are one of the few fraternities that have been able to maintain a good relationship with the College and our longevity in Unit D is a testament to that. Our fraternity consists of one of the most diverse groups of individuals on this campus and our members hold many prominent positions in Student Assembly as well as philanthropic activities. Implicating an entire fraternity with regard to the actions of one individual is unjust and the fact that it was the lead article only serves to brand our fraternity with negative connotations unrepresentative of our fraternity.

    __— Bryce Snape, ’08__
    Phi Kappa Tau vice president


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