Review board orders revote for 2 SA positions

    p. The Review Board scrapped the results of two of the Student Assembly elections, ordering a revote for both the Class of 2008 treasurer and vice president for advocacy.

    p. Matt Brown had been declared the vice president for advocacy by one vote — the closest election in SA history — but the decision was challenged by challenger Shariff Tanious on the grounds that a student who is not taking classes this semester should have been allowed to cast a vote through e-mail and that votes could have been cast for him during certain periods when the polls were not open but should have been.

    p. Laura Rogers, who had been declared treasurer, will also face a revote. Her election was previously decided by paper ballot because she ran as a write-in candidate but did not declare in time to get on the official ballot. Nobody ran officially at that position.

    p. A ten-day appeals period began Sunday.


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