By The Numbers (April 17)

    The number of College students who have joined the group, “WM Remembers Virginia Tech” as of press time.

    p. **151**
    The number of students who remain involuntarily bumped as of Monday, April 16, the first day of registration. 60 males are currently bumped, compared to 91 females.

    p. **$6.25**
    The average cost of each meal under the Gold 14 meal plan, assuming you use all your meals and flex points.

    p. **41 years**
    The age of the current Crim Dell bridge. It’s predecessor was an undecorated, flat wooden bridge.

    p. **52.5 percent**
    The proportion of Americans who currently receive significant income from U.S. government programs, according to estimates from Economist Gary Shilling cited by the Christian Science Monitor. The percentage was much lower, at 28.3 percent, in 1950.


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