Spring Taps show turns up heat

    While the University Center Commonwealth Auditorium often plays host to speeches and lectures, tomorrow from 7 to 9 p.m., music, singing and tapping will permeate throughout the UC as Rhythm and Taps presents its spring show. “It’s going to be a fun hour of dancing and musical talent,” freshman Jessica Boten said.
    The tap performance will feature songs from the movies “Happy Feet” and “Polar Express,” as well as live music intermissions by the Gentlemen of the College.

    p. In addition to several self-choreographed solos, the show will include two advanced, one intermediate and one combined beginner and intermediate dance.

    p. “I am very excited for the performance — tap is such a unique form of dancing that seems to always get people very excited,” freshman Alexa Hoyne said. “It’s a lot of fun to do, as well as watch, so I am really looking forward to seeing everyone’s reactions.”

    p. Rhythm and Taps is a tap club that works with all different levels of dancers. They meet once a week and have a teacher who works with them to plan their annual show.

    p. While beginners can join, the club is also a way for dancers to continue a passion from high school. “I danced my whole life, but had to stop due to time constraints my senior year of high school, so I am so happy to be picking it up again,” Hoyne said. “It’s a great stress releaser, especially at this time of year with all of the academic craziness.”

    p. Rhythm and Taps’ new, red T-shirts advertise the show, quoting the finale song, “Hot Chocolate,” saying, “Yeah we got it! Hot! Hot! Here we’ve only got one rule. Never, ever let it cool.”

    p. Unexpectedly appropriate to the cold spring weather, Rhythm and Taps promises the audience, “If you are lucky, you might even get some hot chocolate.”


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