This Week in Flat Hat History (April 17)

    The Student Association Committee on Academic Affairs initiated a program that would allow seniors to evaluate the College faculty. Each graduating senior was given a form asking them to list their three most effective teachers and three least effective teachers. The evaluation was completely confidential and was designed for department use in issuing salary raises and hiring and firing.

    p. **1972**
    The College announced that American author Ralph Ellison would speak at the June 4 commencement ceremony. Ellison, the author of “Invisible Man” was the first black person to ever keynote commencement at the College. The previous year, the senior class had invited Charles Evers, but his selection was rejected by then College President Davis Y. Paschall.

    p. **1981**
    This year the Commencement Committee decided not to have a student speaker or a valedictory speaker at graduation. The student speaker was traditionally senior class president, but the Class of ’81s president removed himself from consideration and there was no alternative method to choose a speaker in time for commencement.

    p. **1995**
    The College bookstore opened after a six-month renovation period. There was a ribbon-cutting ceremony and a biographer of Bill Clinton gave a book-signing. The renovation expanded the non-textbook section to from 5,500 to 33,000 volumes.


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