By the Numbers (April 20)

    **8.5 Percent**
    The amount that tuition and fees for in-state students will increase. Virginia students will pay $9,210. Tuition for out-of-state students will increase 7.5 percent to $26,939.

    p. **$80,000**
    The most that UCAB could end up paying to bring My Chemical Romance and Muse. Ticket sales are expected to contribute toward the $80,000 payment, but they have been lagging.

    p. “While we already have a larger crowd than we’ve had for past concerts, all parties are losing money at this point due to the low amount of ticket sales,” UCAB Executive Director Lizzi Anthony told The Flat Hat. “If student ticket sales do not increase greatly in the next few weeks, the chance we will be able to bring a concert of this caliber to William and Mary again is slim.”

    p. **27 Percent**
    The estimated proportion of tickets sold to students for the upcoming concert, according to UCAB. 1,300 have been sold to students while around 3,500 were bought by the general public.

    p. **38 Percent**
    The proportion of Americans who have ever smoked marijuana, according to The Washington Times.


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