Registrar loses job

    __City relieves Andrews of duties__

    Williamsburg City voter registrar Dave Andrews was “relieved of duty” and will not be reappointed when his term ends in June, according to the April 25 edition of the Virginia Gazette.

    p. Andrews was reportedly escorted by Williamsburg police to remove personal effects from his office to “ensure the integrity of election records,” Deputy Police Chief Dave Sloggie said. He cautioned that the escort was merely a “precaution” and that it did not suggest that Andrews would tamper with the records.

    p. The locks on his office were reportedly changed as well.
    Andrews told the Gazette that he had met earlier that day with the electoral board about “a personnel matter that involves me.” Although he still holds the title of registrar, Andrews claimed he could not discuss the matter further and referred questions to the electoral board.

    p. The registrar’s office was closed Tuesday while the change was made. It reopened Wednesday with the assistant registrar, Sharon Marchelya, in charge.

    p. Andrews’ time in office has been controversial among students at the College as they have not been allowed to register as voters in the city.

    p. Andrews was named in a lawsuit in which students challenged his decision that they not be counted as permanent residents. Student Assembly Senate Chair Matt Beato, a noted supporter of allowing students to register to vote, said that Andrews “changes policy on a whim” and has “a pattern of disenfranchising students.”

    p. “He’s switched policies so many times; it’s not even funny,” Beato said.

    p. Beato was glad to see Andrews go.

    p. “You have no idea how happy this makes me,” he said.


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