College toasts the Queen on Blowout

    It seems that not even a visit from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II can derail that most sacred of College traditions — Blowout.
    While classes may be cancelled for the Queen’s May 4 visit, most students plan to celebrate Blowout Thursday, Friday or both days. As of last night, 568 students had joined the Facebook group “Friday is Still Blowout,” while more than 250 students had joined groups advocating the celebration of Blowout on both Thursday and Friday.

    p. Junior Chris St. Cyr, who, along with junior Will Ingersoll, created the “Friday is Still Blowout” group, said that the Queen’s visit did not change his Friday plans at all, although he now plans to celebrate on Thursday as well.

    p. “It changed some peoples’ plans because they have tests and stuff Thursday, but that’s why we created the group,” Cyr said. “I imagine [Thursday] night there’ll be a big party. It’d be sweet if the Queen came out.”

    p. Other students are also planning Thursday and Friday celebrations.

    p. “I’m going to welcome [the Queen] in style by getting completely wasted,” one freshman, who requested to remain anonymous, told The Flat Hat. She went on to say that while she was excited to see the Queen, the only effect Her Majesty’s visit would have on her Blowout plans would be a more dignified drinking manner.

    p. Another freshman, who also requested to remain anonymous, said that he planned on getting a free sobriety T-shirt for blowing a 0.0, then going out to party.

    p. He later conceded that he might not be able to hold out until the breathalyzer event, which begins at 9 p.m. at the University Center Terrace Thursday.

    p. In an e-mail written April 27, Vice President for Student Affairs Sam Sadler acknowledged potential concerns about the Queen’s visit affecting Blowout.

    p. “Many of you have written to express concern that moving the last day of classes for this semester to Thursday would ruin traditions you have come to enjoy — bell ringing for seniors, merriment in the Sunken Garden and elsewhere, blowing a Double 0, etc. Let me reassure you that isn’t the case. Everything is just being moved up a day.”

    p. “You will have your day. That’s important. And Friday will belong to the Queen for her visit,” he added.

    p. Blowout revelers might choose to celebrate both days but should be forewarned: the Queen’s visit means security will be very tight over the traditional Blowout period, and the Secret Service will be on campus.

    p. However, the general sentiment is that this probably won’t stop many partiers, as Blowout is not generally characterized by a great deal of caution.


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