Commencement seats in demand

    If you’re hoping to go to the Commencement ceremonies this May, you are likely out of luck. According to the College, Commencement tickets will not be available to the general public.

    p. Only graduating students will be able to obtain tickets. The College announced that each degree candidate is entitled to four tickets. Some students who filled out an online form were able to get a fifth ticket.

    p. Because of the size of this year’s graduating class, the College needed to put in place these strict limits for guest tickets for the main Commencement exercises in William and Mary Hall.

    p. With the high demand for tickets anticipated again this year, the Commencement Committee reminded students that the selling of tickets is strictly prohibited. However, the College does not restrict students from giving excess tickets to their classmates.

    p. After speaking with several graduating students, it seems that the rule is largely respected. Most who requested a fifth ticket were allowed. However, most are struggling to get tickets beyond the mandatory maximum.

    p. For the students who cannot secure enough Commencement tickets, the College encourages them to invite those unable to attend the main ceremony to meet them at the diploma presentation program that follows.

    p. Most of the other activities on Commencement weekend are completely open to the public.


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