Professor indicted for homicide

    __Spanish judge charges DeCamp with homicide, war crimes__

    Adjunct Math Professor and Lieutenant Colonel Philip DeCamp was charged last week in the death of Spanish journalist Jose Couso, who died in 2003 in Iraq.

    p. A Spanish judge indicted DeCamp along with two other U.S. soldiers, Sgt. Shawn Gibson and Capt. Philip Wolford.

    p. They were charged with homicide and “a crime against the international community,” according to the Daily Press.

    p. During street fighting in Baghdad, the soldiers fired a tank shell at the Palestine Hotel, in which about 100 journalists were staying, including Couso, who was a cameraman for Spanish TV network Telecinco.

    p. As commandor of their unit, the 4th Battalion, 64th Armor Regiment, DeCamp gave his companions Gibson and Wolford the order to fire the tanks.

    p. DeCamp and his companions have been issued several arrest warrents previously by Judge Santiago Pedraz.

    p. DeCamp was hired at the College in 2005 as the Director of Military Science after he retired from the Army.

    p. He did not teach this semester, but is teaching in the fall. The last class he taught was in the fall of 2006.


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