Fundraising campaign reaches $500 million goal

    The Campaign for William and Mary reached its $500 million fundraising goal earlier this month. According to the campaign’s website, the College raised $508 million as of June 8. The official end of the seven-year campaign is June 30.

    College President Gene Nichol sent an e-mail to students, faculty and staff announcing the end of the campaign.

    “We knew, when we embarked on this effort in 2000, that our goal was ambitious,” Nichol said. “But we also understood the remarkable devotion of the William and Mary family — and have been beyond heartened to see its members join together for the cause of the College.”

    According to Nichol, two recent gifts totally about $2 million helped put the campaign over the top about three weeks before the deadline.

    The College previously reported that the campaign surpassed its $500 million goal earlier this year, but the campaign fell below its target when a donor revoked a $12 million pledge, citing the College’s decision to remove a cross from the chapel of the Wren Building. That donation would have been one of the 10 largest in the College’s history.

    About half of the campaign earnings will go into the College’s endowment, which most recently stood at about $492 million. Updated endowment figures are expected this summer.



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