Seven students sued for copyright infringement

    p. The Recording Industry Association of America filed lawsuits June 14 against seven network users at the College for allegedly distributing copyrighted music.

    p. April 12, the RIAA sent 12 pre-litigation letters to the College that identified network users only by their IP addresses. College officials were asked to forward the letters to the network users whose addresses appeared on them.

    p. According to senior Mac Garber, who received one of the 12 letters, the network users were asked to settle for $3,000 or face a lawsuit.

    p. The RIAA has now issued subpoenas for the names of the seven students who apparently refused to settle.

    p. “Once that individual’s identity has been revealed, RIAA representatives will contact that individual directly to discuss a settlement of the claims — albeit at a greater sum than for those who settled in the pre-litigation phase,” says a statement released June 14 by the RIAA.


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