Staff Editorial: Rankings fall short

    p. While at first glance the College’s slight slip in the annual U.S. News and World Report rankings of the nation’s best universities may seem discouraging, there are several areas in which the College improved markedly, and the statistics themselves still suggest that the College is highly competitive in relation to other public and private universities.

    p. While we feel it is not our place to judge the merits of Lehigh and Brandeis Universities — the two schools that replaced the College as the 31st best school in the country — we feel that the College remains one of the very top schools in the country, and underrated by the criteria used by U.S. News. The College’s particularly strong alumni giving rank — tied with the University of Virginia as one of the highest for a public school — reminds us of the strong ties College students feel with their alma mater.

    p. Despite receiving an overall rank of 33 — 10 spots lower than U.Va. — a convincing case can still be made that the College is the most selective doctoral-granting university in Virginia. The College’s 32 percent acceptance rate is five points lower than U.Va.’s, and its SAT range remains 10 points higher. Lower faculty-to-student ratios and a strong graduation and retention ranking also place the College at the top of Virginia’s institutions of higher learning.

    p. We hope that our readers recognize that while the College’s rank may be falling, the sky certainly isn’t.


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