By the Numbers (Aug. 31)

    College President Gene Nichol’s salary. In February, a member of the state House of Delegates attempted to cut Nichol’s salary in half unless he restored the Wren cross.

    p. **575**
    The number of permanent chairs at the renovated Lake Matoaka Amphitheater. The arena also has terraced lawn seating, and can accomodate 1,700 people.

    p. **9**
    The average number of students across the country who are murdered each year on college campuses, according to USA Today. This compares to over 1,000 who die each year from binge drinking.

    p. **45**
    The number of messenger pigeons that Reuters News Wire service used to carry news in 1850. At the time, messenger pigeons were the fastest way to send stock market updates, beating train delivery times between Brussels and Germany by six hours. Reuters is now worth approximately $17.6 billion.


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