This Week in Flat Hat History (Aug. 31)

    Phi Beta Kappa moved their national office from New York City to the College. They wanted to be closer to the spot where the national honorary fraternity was founded in 1776.

    p. **1978**
    The College established Taliaferro as the first coed dorm on campus. The dorm housed nine women and 44 men. The decision to create a coed dorm was due to the fact that more male students matriculated the previous spring.

    p. **1983**
    All male students at the College were subjected to the Solomon Amendment, which required students to sign a statement saying that they were in compliance with the draft. If students did not sign, they would have automatically lost any federal financial aid.

    p. **2004**
    An article published in the Virginia Gazette reported that 43 percent of the College’s major academic buildings were in “very poor” condition. The rating, determined by dividing the dollar amount of maintaining buildings by the replacement value of buildings and structures, was given to Rogers, Tucker, Morton, Tyler, Andrews, Small, Jones and Millington. The main problems the report found with buildings were ventilation systems and roofs.


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