This Week in Flat Hat History (Sept. 4)

    The College’s original coat of arms was discovered by a professor at Herald’s College in England. The original patent was lost during a 1705 fire, and the coat of arms that was adopted after the fire varied from the original. The College is the only school in the United States to have a coat-of-arms and Royal charter granted by the Crown of England.

    p. **1965**
    The Flat Hat reported on the “sophomore slump,” or the supposed increased difficulty that sophomore women would have in finding dates due to the influx of freshmen women. The article ended with the statement, “Whatever the outcome, may the best woman win.”

    p. **1974**
    The College’s dining services added a five day meal plan for $242 a semester. The plan would allow upperclassmen to eat at the Commons during weekdays, an alternative to the 7 day meal plan which increased cost by 22 percent from the previous year.

    p. **1980**
    The FBI revealed that it has a 1,650-page file on the College. The Flat Hat sent a Freedom of Information Act request for the information in order to receive the unclassified sections.Lewis speculated that the file contained investigations into unrest in the late 1960s and early 1970s including protest rallies, sit-ins, and observations of “leftist” student leaders.


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