FBI investigates bomb threat

    Staff members received a bomb threat via e-mail Aug. 28. According to the police call log supplied to The Flat Hat, the IT manager for the Mason School of Business reported that both Blow Hall and Tyler Hall were checked as a precautionary measure, but nothing was found.

    p. “Our police department has been working with the FBI, and campus officials were monitoring this developing trend across the country before William and Mary ever received a message,” Vice President for Student Affairs Sam Sadler said in an e-mail to the student body yesterday afternoon. He also said that there was no need for alarm, and that all of the messages were anonymous and generic in nature.

    p. Sadler said that in the future, students would be informed of credible threats through the College’s new emergency notification system. He asked students who received suspicious e-mails and messages to contact campus police at 221-4596.


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