This Week in Flat Hat History (Sept. 7)

    The College added to the department of aviation by allowing 33 students to enroll in flight class with the possibility adding more spots. The College owned two open cockpit planes. Work in the department consisted of ground school training, which was worth four hours of credit and actual flight instruction, for which no credit was awarded. The courses were taught by an Air Force colonel.

    p. **1964**
    The assistant dean of the College announced that maid services in women’s dormitories were to be discontinued in individual rooms. The service was still available in community areas. This was also the first year during which room keys were issued.

    p. **1971**
    Students accused of honor code violations were given the opportunity to appear before a joint council of men and women to present their cases. In past years, councils of their own genders tried them. This change came after a series of referenda designed to produce more consistent results of the trials.

    p. **1981**
    A new chapter of the Delta Gamma sorority was chartered at the College. It was the 110th chapter of Delta Gamma. The sorority was founded at the Lewis School for Girls in Mississippi and headquartered in Ohio.


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