City Police Beat (Sept. 5 – Sept. 7)

    **Wednesday, Sept. 5 –** Two underage males were arrested at the intersection of Ireland and South Henry Streets for illegal possession of alcohol. One was also charged with being drunk in public. **(1)**

    p. – A Hispanic male was arrested for driving with a suspended license on the 1100 block of Bypass Road. **(2)**

    p. **Thursday, Sept. 6 –** Two males were arrested for attempted auto theft of a Honda Civic on the 1300 block of Mt. Vernon Avenue. **(3)**

    p. – A white male on the 2000 block of South Henry Street was charged with underage possession of alcohol after causing a noise disturbance at his home. **(1)**

    p. **Friday, Sept. 7 –** A white female was arrested on the 100 block of Monticello Avenue for stealing purses and license plates. She had burglary tools and a fake ID with her and had been driving with a suspended license. **(1)**

    p. – A white male was taken into custody for the theft of a mountain bike and possession of marijuana on the 1200 block of Richmond Road. **(5)**

    p. **Saturday, Sept. 8 –** A white male was arrested for driving while intoxicated and possession of a concealed weapon at the 100 block of Woodmere Court. **(6)**

    p. – A Hispanic male was arrested on multiple charges including hit and run at the crossing of the 1300 block of Richmond Road and the 900 block of Capitol Landing. His vehicle and a police cruiser were damaged but only minor injuries were sustained. **(5)**


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