By The Numbers (Sept. 11)

    **75 Percent**
    The percentage of energy used by non-residential campus buildings at a typical college, according to the Student Environmental Action Coalition. Only 25 percent of energy is used in dorms.

    p. **320**
    The number of acres that the College brought from Capt. Thomas Ballard initially to start bilding the campus. Bought from what was known at the time as “Middle Plantation,” the construction of the Wren Bulding came soon afterward.

    p. **74 Days**
    The number of days it took Apple to sell its 1 millionth iPhone. Sales reportedly jumped when Apple slashed the price of the iPhone by a third over the weekend to spur on sales. This milestone was reached weeks earlier than expected. Apple stock increased by 3.8 percent based on the news.

    p. **34 Percent**
    The increase in the probability of one getting accepted to a higher level institution had his or her parents donated to that institution. According to the study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, this increase in probability slowly declines as one ages.


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