Campus Police Beat (Sept. 4 – Sept. 10)

    **Tuesday, Sept. 4 —** A professor received a threatening call in Jones Hall. The same person called a 911 line reporting an emergency. **(1)**

    p. **Wednesday, Sept. 5 —** A student reported that his ID card was stolen outside of Harrison Hall and $7.00 was used in vending machines. **(2)**

    p. — Another bomb threat e-mail was received in an undisclosed place. The building was cleared while officers searched the building. Nothing was found.

    p. — A bicycle estimated to be worth $58 was reported stolen outside Old Dominion Hall. **(3)**

    p. **Thursday, Sept. 6 —** Authorities were called to a management facility regarding a physical assault event involving intimidation.

    p. — A student reported that the parking decal on his vehicle was stolen outside of the Marketplace the previous night. **(4)**

    p. — A student reported that his bicycle crank, worth $80, was stolen in the afternoon outside Millington Hall. **(5)**

    p. **Friday, Sept. 7 —** A non-student male was arrested for being drunk in public and yelling at females on the street along Harrison Avenue.

    p. — The police received a call that a student had been assaulted in the Stadium Lot. Medics were not necessary. **(6)**

    p. — A student claimed that her bicycle was stolen from Gooch Hall. The student located her bicycle; she had left it elsewhere and forgotten. **(7)**

    p. — A student reported that his bicycle was stolen outside Chandler Hall. The estimated value is $30. **(8)**

    p. **Saturday, Sept. 8 —** A student’s vehicle was vandalized outside Zable Stadium. Estimated damage to the car is $150. **(6)**

    p. — Another vehicle was vandalized on Harrison Avenue. The estimated damage is $150.

    p. **Sunday, Sept. 9 —** A $300 bike was reported stolen in the Old Hospital Parking Lot. **(9)**

    p. **Monday, Sept. 10 —** Several DVD’s, estimated to be worth $100, were stolen from the Swem Special Collections Library. **(10)**

    p. — A parking decal was stolen from a vehicle on 201 Ukrops Way. **(11)**

    p. — Patio furniture worth $1,300 was stolen from Jamestown South. The furniture was reported to be at 101 Griffin Avenue. **(12)**

    p. — Lawn furniture valued at $1,125 was reported stolen from Barrett Hall. Three items worth $725 were recovered.**(13)**


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