This Week in Flat Hat History (Sept. 14)

    The first floor of Washington Hall, now known as Andrews Hall, was completed. The ground floor was first used by the biology department. The hall was originally modeled after Rogers Hall, using a similar exterior and interior.

    p. **1965**
    Several new additions were made to the football stadium, including fiberglass seats in three of the sections and a new game clock. The game start times were also made earlier to allow spectators to go home in the daylight.

    p. **1976**
    A fire “20 feet high” broke out during a Student Assembly sponsored movie in William and Mary Hall. Thirty Williamsburg firefighters responded to the call within 15 minutes; however, students had already put out the blaze with seven fire extinguishers. Although there were several exits on the upper levels, only one of the doors was unchained. Arson was not suspected to be the cause of the fire.

    p. **1983**
    The Flat Hat reported that college costs were running 12 percent higher than the previous year and had increased by that percentage on average for the past eight years. A study also revealed that one-fourth of the workforce at the time may have been “overeducated” for the jobs that its members held.


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