This Week in Flat Hat History (Sept. 18)

    The College started selling season tickets for sports games for the first time. A book of general admission tickets to sports events cost $3. A book of reserved tickets was $4.25. This was a dramatic saving over buying tickets individually.

    p. **1962**
    Jerry Van Voorhis, president of the Student Assembly at the time, announced that the sororities of Sorority Court would be represented in the SA for the first time. Under his system, the nine sororities would be split up into three groups. Each year, a designated group would elect three representatives that would represent all of sorority court.

    p. **1972**
    An electric motor used in a science experiment was found to be the cause of a fire that occurred in Rodgers Hall. The fire, termed by the professor in charge as a “freak accident,” was the latest of many that occurred that year. Earlier that May, flames damaged three dormitory rooms. A wastebasket in Washington Hall and the Boutetout Theater in Swem Library also caught fire the same day.

    p. **1995**
    After years of rumors that Lake Matoaka had a high level of pollution, the lake met state standards for bacteria levels. To protect the environment, the College prohibited swimming and fishing and restricted boating to daylight hours.


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