Coming Attractions: Sept. 21

p. **Joni Mitchell — “Shine” (Hear Music)**
Inspired by the war in Iraq, Canadian folk singer Joni Mitchell’s new album uses her amazing voice and song-writing skills to focus on environmental and political themes. This is her first real studio album since 1998, and Mitchell doesn’t disappoint: her message is powerful and her delivery is, as usual, fantastic.
__Sept. 25__

p. **Iron & Wine — “The Shepherd’s Dog” (Sub Pop)**
The third studio album from Iron & Wine (stage name of singer Sam Beam), although not overtly political, was somewhat based on President George W. Bush’s reelection. Beam has the ability to record rambunctious songs followed by sensual melodies. “The Shepherd’s Dog” is another unique album.
__Sept. 25__

p. **“The Jane Austen Book Club” (Mockingbird Pictures)**
This adaptation of the 2004 Karen Joy Fowler novel portrays six people with fractured lives forming a book club dedicated solely to Jane Austen’s six novels. The cast makes a man-friendly chick flick. And don’t worry about understanding Austen references; you need not have ever taken a class in Tucker to enjoy this film. __Sept. 21__

p. **“Good Luck Chuck” (Lionsgate)**
Dane Cook may be funny on stage, but how about in a Hollywood comedy? A heavily manscaped Cook stars as cursed dentist Chuck; every woman he has sex with immediately finds her one true love elsewhere. With hundreds of women begging for a quickie, Chuck’s curse doesn’t seem so bad — until he falls in love.
__Sept. 21__

p. **“Chuck” (NBC)**
Once you suspend your disbelief, NBC’s new sci-fi dramedy “Chuck” is actually pretty good. Chuck (Zachary Levi) is a nerd employed at an electronics store who accidentally downloads large amounts of sensitive data from the CIA to his brain (I told you to suspend your disbelief). Now, he works to stop terrorists and assassins.
__Sept. 21__


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