This Week in Flat Hat History (Sept. 25)

    A new infirmary, costing about $75,000 was completed near the Campus Center. The infirmary, run by physician D.J. King, was furnished with modern steel furniture and floors were covered with golden-brown battleship linoleum. The infirmary consisted of three floors and included a kitchen, reception rooms and six sun parlors.

    p. **1960**
    The Jamestown Tunnel, located in front of Taliaferro Hall was completed as part of the College Development Program. The tunnel, originally created for the purpose of allowing students to safely cross Jamestown Road, was closed indefinitely in 1995 due to a tendency to flood and a lack of electric lighting.

    p. **1971**
    Williamsburg City Police arrested a College sophomore who had brought drugs to the sophomore class keg party. The student was charged with possession of marijuana and hashish. He was caught when police officers noticed him walking into the party with a bamboo pipe.

    p. **1981**
    Millington Hall and Morton Hall were closed as the College worked to remove harmful asbestos from both buildings. The College called on one of the nation’s leading asbestos experts, Dr. Robert N. Sawyer from Yale University, to oversee the removal project.


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