Final decision on Nichol’s contract expected this spring

    p. College President Gene Nichol’s future will be decided this spring, and students have the opportunity to provide input, according to a college-wide email penned by Michael Powell, rector of the College’s Board of Visitors.

    p. Nichol’s contract expires June 30, and Powell said he has received numerous inquiries about whether or not the BOV would renew the presidency. Powell said that the BOV has a rigid review process in place, which it will implement in the coming months.

    p. “Pursuant to the terms of the President’s contract, the review will examine achievements as measured against goals and objectives presented by the President to the Board as well as other metrics,” Powell wrote. “Additionally, our appraisal will include a 360 degree review, which is a feature of the best appraisal systems. Once this process is complete and we discuss the matter with the President, a final decision will be made solely on the best interest of the College.”

    p. Powell also said that the BOV has established an email account——for public input.

    p. Powell emphasized, however, that the decision was “not a public referendum.”

    p. “There is no purpose served by petitions or mass volume mailings, he wrote. “We will give consideration to thoughtful, well-reasoned and respectfully expressed opinions.”

    p. While Nichol’s fate remains unknown, Powell said that the BOV will continue to support his efforts.

    p. “President Nichol remains the leader of this College and he has our support as we collectively tackle challenges and chart the course of the future of William and Mary.”


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