This Week in Flat Hat History (Oct. 2)

    Several autographed textbooks were donated to the library, among which included an old Latin Grammar from the library of John Marshall and a rare copy of “The Life of Devereux Jarratt.”

    p. **1962**
    A test was administered on Duke of Gloucester Street in which the possibility of closing the street permanently to traffuc was investigated. Williamsburg City Council approved the plan for the closing.

    p. **1978**
    The Student Assembly canceled a scheduled appearance of Bill Cosby at the College. Cosby’s appearance fee increased following the booking, and the SA lacked sufficient funds to meet the increased price.

    p. **1983**
    Two female students were discovered living in the abandoned Lake Matoaka light tower. They were promptly evicted by the College for security and health regulation reasons.

    p. “I hated the dorm,” sophomore Vikki Ehrich said. “I had been thinking about living in a school bus.”

    p. Ehrich, who had been living in the tower since the previous March, had been given the keys by a graduating friend who had found the door to the light tower open and changed the lock. The two students had converted the light tower into a carpeted and decorated home, rewiring the electricity themselves.


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