College Bowl: a sport we can win

    Sunday, a new sport will be coming to campus — but there are no letters or jackets associated with it, and the event will be taking place in Lodge 1, not Kaplan Arena. That’s because this sport isn’t one that you’ve heard of before: It’s the annual College Bowl.

    p. “It’s a fun way to test your knowledge about everything from science to Britney Spears,” Patrick Ross, a graduate assistant in student activities at the University Center, said. “It’s a bonding experience for the teams and it’s generally a high-energy situation.”

    p. From 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., teams consisting of the brightest minds at the College will battle it out for the chance to go to the regional competition at Virginia Tech next February. If there are too many teams for one day, competition will continue Sunday Oct. 21. Whichever team wins the regional competition will advance with 14 other teams to a national tournament.

    p. “I would recommend people participate in the College Bowl because it is a fun and entertaining event that also calls on people to use their minds,” Latasha Eley, one of Ross’s fellow graduate assistants, said. “It is one of the few activities that colleges have to offer that brings entertainment and academics together.”

    p. College Bowl was born in 1953 as a radio show, and remained such for four years. In 1959 it began airing as a weekly TV series, and then in 1977 it became the official intercollegiate competition that it remains today. Last year’s event at the College featured 12 teams and was considered a success by the organizers.

    p. To find out more about the College Bowl, visit the Facebook group, “William and Mary College Bowl,” or check out the official website at


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