A surprise-filled four NFL weeks

We are just four weeks into the NFL season and already it has been full of surprises. Many might have expected the Patriots to start out 4-0, but few would have guessed that Brady would gel with his new receivers as well as he has this early in the season.

p. Brady is putting up numbers that would make his baby’s mama proud and, if he keeps his pace, even break records. Brady is leading the NFL with a 134.7 quarterback rating while new teammate and best friend Randy Moss is leading all receivers in both yards and touchdowns. Anyone who follows sports is aware of the Patriots’ signal-stealing controversy that has been talked about more times than Bad Newz Kennels has abused dogs. In fact, part of the fine will be used to set up a charity that will use Belichick’s torn sweatshirt sleeves and turn them into clothes for the needy.

p. San Diego (1-3) was a team that many picked to win the Super Bowl but has certainly gotten off to a rough start after last year’s 14-2 season. Now San Diego is wondering, as do most teams that sign him, why the hell they hired Norv Turner. LaDainian Tomlinson, last year’s MVP, has gotten off to a lackluster start as his team has been outscored 102-68.

p. The Saints (0-3), a team many picked to win the NFC, are off to an atrocious start and after a bye week hope to have some solutions to their many problems, including the loss of Deuce McAllister. But it’s okay Saints fans, because Reggie Bush, with his astounding 2.8 yards per carry, says that he is all New Orleans needs to turn their season around.

p. The Eagles (1-3) were another team that many thought would compete in the NFC. As a Redskins fan, nothing made me happier than watching Donovan McNabb get sacked an NFL-record 12 times last Monday. With the exception of one game, McNabb has looked more lost than my parents trying to read The Flat Hat’s sex column.

p. Another team off to a tremendous start is the Cowboys (4-0). Dallas is being led by Tony Romo, the top player in fantasy football right now (fortunately for me, I picked McNabb over him). The question is how long Jerry Jones will let new coach Wade Phillips stay in control once things fall apart.

p. Mark Bulger and the Rams (0-4) have started off so poorly that Bulger is being benched for Gus Frerotte. Yes, that Gus Frerotte. The same Gus Frerotte who ended his season 11 years ago by ramming his head into a cement wall after celebrating a touchdown. Needless to say, things don’t seem to be getting much better for St. Louis.

p. However, this year’s surprise of the season is none other than Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers (4-0). The 38-year-old quarterback has already broken both the career victories and touchdown passes records this season.

p. Well, four weeks down and 13 left to go. The only thing you can be sure about is that they will be full of surprises and controversy.

p. **Andy’s Power Rankings**
1. New England
2. Dallas
3. Indianapolis
4. Seattle
5. Pittsburgh

p. __Andy Andrews may be e-mailed at raandrews@wm.edu.__


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