This Week in Flat Hat History (Oct. 2)

    A pep rally was held in Phi Beta Kappa Hall where students practiced cheering and singing before a football game to occur that Saturday. The rally, the first of its kind to occur at the College, was met with great enthusiasm.

    p. **1951**
    The Tribe and Wake Forest University football teams were selected to participate in the annual Tobacco Festival grid classic. The festival, which was an annual tradition in Richmond, included events such as the coronation of the annual Tobaccoland Queen. In 1951, the play “Tobaccorama” was presented at the Mosque, now known as the Landmark Theater.

    p. **1980**
    “Space Invaders” was one of the new video games that were installed in the Campus Center game room. The game, which was developed by the gaming company Midway from Japan, became an instant hit at the College.

    p. **1995**
    The Williamsburg City Police started ticketing bicyclists for violating cycling laws. The change came about after the police received several complaints from the community that students were not respecting proper nighttime cycling laws around campus. Students reported that fines for biking without a headlight ranged from $30 to $50, whereas a headlight alone cost roughly $25.

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