This Week in Flat Hat History (Oct. 9)

    College graduate Colonel G. Maury Craille of Blackstone, Va. was recognized for his significant contributions to federal prison reform. In 1926, he was appointed commandant of Alcatraz, where he advocated trade learning in prison to combat the problems of mutiny that plagued prisons at the time.

    p. **1962**
    Campus radio station WCWM announced that it would soon be moving to an AM frequency. In addition to the original 1958 equipment in the station’s Phi Beta Kappa studio, a new audio console and a United Press International news machine were acquired to help the station keep up with the demands of modernization.

    p. **1978**
    The Free University of Williamsburg officially opened, accepting 100 students. The university consisted of no grades, required assignments, formal classes or true teachers and had a high emphasis on total freedom. The school was later closed.

    p. **1983**
    Gene Davis, the artist who created the multicolored plexiglass tubes along the southern wall of the Muscarelle Museum of Art, recolored the tubes after they were removed earlier in the year due to algae growth. The 126 tubes, key to the building’s heating system, are filled with 90 gallons of dyed water each.
    Davis refined the colors and added copper sulfate to the water to curb algae growth.


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