This Week in Flat Hat History (Oct. 23)

    A meeting of College alumni in Richmond determined that $55,000 was needed to build an Alumni Club House. It was decided that each alumni would contribute $25. There were roughly 4,000 alumni living in Virginia at the time.

    p. **1960**
    The Campus Center started offering ballroom dance and bridge lessons for $3 in an effort to bring forth new activities on campus.

    p. **1971**
    Students attending Virginia Commonwealth University, the College, Virginia Tech, Old Dominion University, Radford College and Norfolk State College banded together to create the Union of Virginia Students to improve the status of Virginia college students. The goal of the Union was to create a better means of communication between the needs of students and the state government.

    p. **1984**
    A week after the Student Assembly agreed to provide ballot boxes and count votes for a mock presidential election on campus, the legislative body voted to cancel the project. The SA cited rain and an intent on remaining politically unaffiliated as the deciding factor to cancel the elections. In the weeks before the proposed event, fierce debate between the College Republicans and the Young Democrats caused a standoff in which the Democrats had decided to boycott the elections.


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