Donor firm on lost pledge

    __McGlothin says he left no doubt on revoked $12 million to Sullivan__

    The donor who revoked a $12 million pledge to the College last year said yesterday that in conversations with former College President Timothy Sullivan in December, he left no doubt about his intention.

    p. “I did make it perfectly clear in my telephone conversation with President Sullivan that I was not going to pledge the $12 million,” James McGlothlin ’62 J.D. ’64 said. “I do not know anything about his communication to President Nichol.”

    p. The question of whether Nichol knew about the lost donation before his February announcement that the College’s seven-year fundraising campaign had reached its $500 million goal has become the central argument of an online group’s effort to oust Nichol from office.

    p. alleges that Sullivan told Nichol about the lost donation, and that Nichol ignored the information to protect his image during the height of the Wren cross controversy.
    Sullivan said he communicated everything he knew about the donation to the College administration.

    p. Nichol said he discussed donations with Sullivan but that Sullivan did not tell him that McGlothlin planned to revoke a prior pledge. Nichol said he found out about the lost pledge Feb. 23, days after the announcement that the fundraising campaign had reached its goal.

    p. When the lost pledge became public, the campaign total was reduced by $12 million.

    p. The Flat Hat has submitted a Freedom of Information Act request for e-mails between Nichol and Sullivan.


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