This Week in Flat Hat History (Nov. 2)

    Hundreds of alumni were expected to return for homecoming. All returning alumni were invited to take an airplane ride with the aviation department teacher to enjoy an aerial view of the College.

    p. **1962**
    The Phi Alpha Delta law fraternity sponsored a mock trial in the Campus Center, in which the president of the student body was prosecuted for the murder of the sophomore class president. Third year law students acted as the prosecution and defense.

    p. **1976**
    Two members of the Theta Delta Chi fraternity were arrested by the Williamsburg Police Department outside of the Williamsburg National Bank. The 45 brothers, dressed as cowboys, were in the midst of re-enacting a Western bank holdup for a yearbook picture. Upon their arrival, police arrested two brothers for disturbing the peace. A third brother was almost arrested for wearing a mask, which was illegal for people over 16 at the time.

    p. **Campus police began to enforce bicycle and pedestrian laws by issuing fines to students. The police department felt compelled to take this action after bicyclists and pedistrians suffered six major injuries in one semester.**


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