Staff Editorial: Local voting a must

    Today is election day, and students at the College must remember and celebrate their civic duties.

    p. Although incumbent Republican Senator Thomas Norment, Jr. is running unopposed in the 3rd District, and it may seem that voting locally will not have a significant impact on the outcome of the Virginia General Assembly, students should nonetheless recognize today’s importance.

    p. City council elections will come this May, and it is imperative that students are familiar with the voting process and aware of the locations of nearby polling stations. We must be enthusiastic enough about inspiring change to vote when the time comes.

    p. Hostile and discriminatory policies implemented by the city of Williamsburg have disenfranchised student voters for years. The efforts of student leaders and the arrival of a more student-friendly voter registrar have paid off. Now, students have moved on from simply wanting the right to vote here; we have it, and we must use it.


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