Student wins Jefferson Award for Public Service

    Local news station WAVY-TV 10 presented the Jefferson Award for Public Service to Daniel Key ’08 Oct. 26.

    p. The award recognized Key for his service to the Williamsburg community.

    p. Key said that there are 10 winners every year from the WAVY-TV 10 viewing area, and he was one of three college students among the WAVY-TV 10 winners for this year.

    p. According to a William and Mary News release, Key’s service activities include Housing Partnerships, Inc., Circle K International, the Service Leader Corps, spring break service trips, summer service and the Bequia Sunshine Project, as well as working in the Office of Student Volunteer Services. Key also said that he is involved with the Community Service Leaders.

    p. During spring break of his freshman year, Key went to Atlanta, Ga. through a now-defunct organization called Help Unlimited; sophomore year, he went to Bay St. Louis, Miss. with Project Relief; for his junior year spring break, he co-led a service trip to Biloxi, Miss.

    p. Key said that he was required to do 40 hours of service during every year in which he attended his private high school. Key cited his current roommate’s involvement in service from the beginning of his time at the College, as well as his own participation in the Atlanta spring break service trip during his freshman year as how he became involved in service while at the College.

    p. “A big part of service for me is looking at the why, too; not just looking at the situation, but also looking at why the situation is occurring and what can I do to change that,” Key said.
    Over winter break, Key will participate in his first international service trip with the Bequia Sunshine Project. On the trip to the Caribbean island Bequia the volunteers will paint a local high school and tutor kids.

    p. As for his plans for after graduation, Key said that he has been mostly looking at one-year service positions, such as AmeriCorp. He has also applied to work on a sustainable farm in Vermont for six months.


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