Beato defends SA in meeting

    The Student Assembly unanimously passed the Better Blues Act and the Internal Affairs Reconstruction Act during Tuesday’s meeting. Secretary of Finance Andrew Blasi ’10 gave a finance update and SA President Zach Pilchen ’09 delivered his state of the SA address.

    p. The Better Blues act, sponsored by Sen. Brittany Fallon ’11, requests maintenance of emergency lights. Fallon found that many of the lights are not blue and that you cannot always see a second emergency light when standing at another.

    p. “Even though this is an opinion bill, this is going to get done,” Fallon said.

    p. The Internal Affairs Reconstruction Act, sponsored by Sen. Joe Luppino-Esposito ’08, dissolves the Internal Affairs Committee and creates the Outreach Committee. When internal affairs issues arise, they will now be handled by the Outreach Committee, which will draft weekly senate press releases.

    p. In the finance update, Blasi answered questions raised in the previous meeting regarding the events fund.

    p. “We will probably not have a surplus at the end of the year, and in my opinion that is a good thing,” Blasi said.

    p. Senate Chairman Matt Beato ’09 commended Blasi’s performance as secretary of finance.

    p. Pilchen’s address was a surprise to many senators. He asked senators why they entered student government. He then said that most of the reasons mentioned had not been addressed by the senate.

    p. Sponsored by Senator Michael Douglass ’11, the Protect Freedom of Speech Act, which addresses the recent theft of campus newspapers in the University Center, was introduced as old business and was sent back to committee.

    p. In the meeting’s final announcement, Beato attempted to reinvigorate the senate after Pilchen’s criticism.

    p. “The SA has been working very well together,” he said. “You can help the SA do more.”


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