This Week in Flat Hat History (Nov. 11)

    Students held student body meetings as well as several conferences to discuss interest in installing a motion picture projector and screen in Phi Beta Kappa Hall. A proposal was made for films to be shown on a weekly basis for the general student population.

    p. **1965**
    Members of the College community formed a committee to regulate the consumption of alcoholic beverages on campus. The policy in use at the time banned all alcohol on campus. The new committee suggested that the rule be changed to allow alcohol as long as “gentlemanly conduct” was upheld.

    p. **1978**
    Beverly Hawk ’80 was riding the elevator up to the third floor of Landrum Hall when it suddenly dropped, trapping her inside of the elevator cage eight inches below the landing of the first floor. Landrum’s elevator, the last cable-operated elevator on campus, was suspended by a cable that had frayed and finally broken, causing the fall. Hawk was uninjured in the accident.

    p. **1984**
    The department of modern languages in Washington Hall received a bomb threat during classes. Campus Police were notified immediately, and the building was evacuated. No bomb was found, and classes resumed within an hour of the evacuation.


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