Student employees say they have flexible hours, good pay

    For a few students at the College, the start of a typical day involves walking to the Recreation Center at 5 a.m. ­— not to exercise, but to work.

    p. But not all student employees wake up so early, and there are also several on-campus jobs with later shifts. Swem Library has shifts that last until 11 or 12 p.m.

    p. “Hours are based on seniority,” University Center Information desk employee Baiyina Atkinson ’08 said. “You basically pick your schedule.”

    p. Students said that it is fairly easy to study while on the job.
    “It depends on what shifts you get,” Meg Dailey ’08, a Rec Center employee, said. “[It’s pretty easy] if you work in the morning or late at night.”

    p. Students who work for e-SWAT, Swem’s information technology team, and at the UC information desk agree.

    p. “It’s hard because people are always stopping to ask questions,” Atkinson said.

    p. Ed Irish, director of the Office of Financial Aid at the College, said that there were many benefits to getting a job on campus instead of off campus, and Dailey agreed.

    p. “If you have a test, on-campus employers might be more understanding,” she said. “It’s a lot more flexible [than off-campus work] because everybody’s in the same boat.”

    p. While on-campus work may be more attractive than off-campus employment, off-campus jobs often pay more. Some older students who work off campus waiting tables, for example, say they can earn as much as $8,000 per year. Irish pointed out that a wage like that can cover all living expenses for the year.

    p. IT and research assistant wages are $8 per hour, whereas box office staff and student assistants earn $6 per hour. Resident assistants are also considered employees of the College.
    “RAs get a free room and money on their debit card,” Irish said.
    However, difficulties may arise when trying to apply pay toward tuition.

    p. “We really do not have any provisions for that,” Irish said. “The billing system does not coincide with getting paid.”

    p. This issue seems to be of little concern to student employees, since most students tend to use their wages for other costs.

    p. “My parents said that I have to pay for gas, food and extra expenses,” Brittany Bynum ’10, a Rec Center employee, said.
    Atkinson said that her income helps pay for clubs and other activities.

    p. “You get a paycheck like everybody else and you can use it how you want to,” e-SWAT employee Huy Ho ’10 said.

    p. Students do not have too many complaints about the double life of being a student employee.

    p. “It’s a nice way to spend your time,” Ho said.


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