This Week in Flat Hat History (Nov. 16)

    To restore the appearance of an 17th century institution, the Rockefeller Foundation paid for the rebuilding of several sections of Old Campus. The foundation made many changes, including the installation of a white picket fence around the Wren Building.

    p. **1968**
    The College analyzed the benefits of having midterms during an academic semester. Even today, midterms have never been officially set up by the College, nor has there ever been any mention of midterms in the faculty handbook.

    p. **1971**
    Even though plans for renovating the old dormitories on campus were under review by the College President Thomas A. Graves, a lack of state funds restricted the College from making any major renovations to the dorms.

    p. **1983**
    The brightly colored solar-heating tubes located on the southern face of the Muscarelle Museum were installed amid strong criticism from the Board of Visitors. The solar-heating tubes, designed by contemporary artist Gene Davis and titled “Sun Sonata,” were cited by the BOV as being “the ugliest thing ever seen on campus.” However, strong support from the College community convinced the BOV that the art should remain.


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