Staff Editorial: Keep Yule fire burnin’

    ’Tis the season.

    p. Of course, in the real world, ’tis the season for celebration, camaraderie and joy. At the College, however, ’tis the season for exams, stress, Red Bull and more people than you ever thought could fit in Swem Library.

    p. Luckily for students, the College and the surrounding area of Williamsburg offer some great holiday traditions and opportunities that we hope everyone will attend and enjoy.

    p. It all starts with this weekend’s Grand Illumination in Colonial Williamsburg, a must-see event that is a staple of each year’s holiday season. For the best view, be sure to stand near the magazine, where you can see all three sets of fireworks at the same time, assuming you can plow through the nine million tourists.

    p. The College’s Yule Log ceremony is another must-attend event. Yule Log is great not only because Gene Nichol is second only to the original Santa Claus in authenticity, or because the tradition is older than Thomas Jefferson and Sam Sadler combined, but because it is one of those events where the community of the College comes together in a remarkable fashion. Football may not have generated much school spirit this year, but Nichol Claus and the warmth of the fire in the great hall seem to always do the trick.

    p. It is also said that rubbing a sprig of holly on the Yule Log will bring you luck on exams, so you can always thank this sacred tradition for your successes. That or the Red Bull.


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