Letter to the Editor (Dec. 7)

    **Voice your opinion on student life**

    p. To the Editor:

    p. A common complaint about the College is the lack of social venues or student nightlife. Whether it is the difficulty of finding transportation off campus on a Friday night or a lack of social venues close to the College, many students are tired of the current Williamsburg social scene.

    p. In 2005, the College hired a consulting firm, the Wessex Group, to conduct a “Student Expenditure Survey” to find out when, where and on what students spend money in Williamsburg. While the original goal was to demonstrate the College’s economic impact on the area, several questions also pertained to improving student life. The survey demonstrated that, among other things, students wanted a movie theater. One year later, Cornerstone Theater in New Town opened for business.

    p. Yet, the question remained: What other stores and venues does the student body want to see in Williamsburg?

    p. While everyone has their opinion, no one knows the answer because no one has bothered to ask, until now.

    p. On Nov. 28, using e-mail lists donated by tech savvy alumni and the trusty campus directory, the Student Chamber of Commerce launched its first annual “Student Life Survey.” So far, we have seen enormous interest from the student body, but we want to hear from everyone.

    p. What do you think about student life at the College? What do you like or dislike?

    p. Now is your chance to tell the College and the city of Williamsburg exactly what you want.

    p. The survey only takes a few minutes to complete, so take a break from writing papers and studying for finals to make your voice heard. If you haven’t taken it, check your e-mail for an invitation from the Student Chamber of Commerce.

    p. Want to improve your remaining time at the College? Now is your chance.

    p. __— Greg Cooper ’08__


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