Why the Patriots will win

It’s simple: the 2007 New England Patriots are the greatest team in NFL history and they simply cannot be beaten. The first team ever to go 18-0, the Pats’ offense is an unstoppable machine driven by one of the most efficient quarterbacks ever to play the game. Their defense is an opportunistic, “bend but don’t break” unit with the veteran experience to force morale-breaking turnovers. Over the course of this season, they have withstood nearly every imaginable challenge and emerged on top, setting records in the process.

p. Yet, most importantly, the 2007 New England Patriots could not care less about any of that. Tom Brady, Randy Moss and company have their attention focused on one thing only, and that is to secure their fourth Super Bowl ring in seven years. Without that achievement, any other records they’ve earned this season become irrelevant.

p. Spurred by the attitude that they have achieved nothing to date, New England will have absolutely no trouble with a Giants team that has arrived here largely by chance. In their two postseason games, the Patriots have faced different defensive schemes. In the divisional round, the Jaguars sat back and prevented the big play, only to watch Brady pick them apart with screens and short slants on the way to yet another record-setting day.

p. A week later, the Chargers attacked the pocket, forcing Brady into throwing three interceptions, yet still were beaten for 21 points as New England used long, grinding drives to set up scores. No matter which approach the Giants select, the Patriots will have little trouble scoring and New England will coast to victory in Super Bowl XLII.

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